Easy as 1,2,3!

For your safety: Wear protective goggles when drilling or nailing.

Tools: Drill, Saw (optional), Level (optional), Tape measure, Stud finder (optional) That's IT!

Q: How many boxes do I need for my project?

i.e. If you need 200 sq. ft., divide the coverage of our box (12 sq. ft.) by the sq. ft. of project area.

Box includes various lengths of Kenzie Home Shiplap Wood Panels, Installation Instructions, 20 GRK fasteners, and T10 drill bit

Example: 200 sq. ft. / 12= 16.66.. you will need approximately 17 boxes.


Step one:

(Recommended) Use a carpenter's level to accurately install the first panel horizontally. This is done prior to drilling the fastener in the lap joint  at 45-degree angle on shiplap board





Begin installation by starting to place boards at the bottom of your wall, going left to right, working your way upward. Fasten your Kenzie Home Shiplap board using GRK Fastener screw into the lap joint at a 45-degree angle



Continue along the length of the wall until the next level using the alternate sized board to ensure a staggered look